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Nobody from Nashville plays all kinds of venues and all kinds of events. We'd love to play for yours. Please contact us for further details.

Upcoming dates

Here's a list of where we are performing in the near future. Come on out and see us sometime. We'd love it if you would!

Date Time Location
12/02 6:00 pm Donkey & Goat Winery (Berkeley)
12/02 11:00 pm Fireside Lounge (Alameda)
12/09 8:00 pm Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)

Recent past dates (2016)

Here's a list of gigs that we played recently:

Date Location
11/11 Winters Tavern (Pacifica)
10/21 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
10/16 Donkey & Goat Winery (Berkeley)
10/01 Private party (China Camp)
09/17 Private party (Big Sur)
09/10 Private party (Los Gatos)
08/13 Private party (San Francisco)
07/24 Private party (San Lorenzo)
07/08 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
05/29 Uniqlo (San Francisco)
05/28 Uniqlo (San Francisco)
05/21 Plough & Stars (San Francisco)
05/20 SF Porchfest (833 Dolores St., San Francisco)
04/01 Winters Tavern (Pacifica)
03/18 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
01/30 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
01/15 Private Party (San Francisco)

2015 dates

Date Location
12/13 Private Party (San Francisco)
12/04 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
11/20 Plough & Stars (San Francisco)
10/23 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
10/04 Facebook Farmers Market (Menlo Park)
09/27 St. Philip's Festival (San Francisco)
08/22 Cocktails and Covers Festival (San Carlos)
08/01 Private Party (San Francisco)
07/31 Winters Tavern (Pacifica)
07/10 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
05/22 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
05/09 SF Porchfest (San Francisco)
04/17 Plough & Stars (San Francisco)
03/17 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
02/07 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
01/03 Plough & Stars (San Francisco)

2014 dates

Here's a list of gigs that we played in 2014:

Date Location
12/13 Freewheel Brewing Company (Redwood City)
11/21 Plough & Stars (San Francisco)
10/26 Surf Spot (Pacifica)
09/28 St. Philip's Festival (San Francisco)
08/31 FishStock Music Festival (Jenner)
07/13 The Starry Plough (Berkeley)
06/18 Menlo Park Block Party
05/04 Thee Parkside (San Francisco)
05/03 Plough & Stars (San Francisco)
04/27 Glen Park Festival (San Francisco)
04/06 Surf Spot (Pacifica)
02/23 Tupelo (San Francisco)

2013 dates

Here's a list of gigs that we played in 2013:

Date Location
12/20 Plough & Stars (San Francisco)
12/01 Thee Parkside (San Francisco)
11/03 The Starry Plough (Berkeley)
09/29 St. Philip's Festival (San Francisco)
09/01 FishStock Music Festival (Jenner)
08/04 Noe Valley Rec Center (San Francisco)
06/29 The Starry Plough (Berkeley)
06/24 Tupelo (San Francisco)
05/12 The Milk Bar (San Francisco)
05/05 Tupelo (San Francisco)
04/28 Glen Park Festival (San Francisco)
04/28 Gauntlet Gallery (San Francisco)
03/17 Thee Parkside (San Francisco)
02/14 The Starry Plough (Berkeley)
01/20 Thee Parkside (San Francisco)
01/13 Cafe du Nord (San Francisco)

2012 dates

Here's a list of gigs that we played in 2012:

Date Location
12/14 Private party (San Rafael)
10/20 Soul Food Farm (Vacaville)
10/14 East Bay Mini Maker Faire (Oakland)
09/29 St. Philip Festival (San Francisco)
09/23 The Milk Bar (San Francisco)
09/15 Toots Tavern (Crockett)
08/23 Legends at Diablo Creek Bar and Grill
08/19 The Milk Bar (San Francisco)
08/18 Some Crazy Island in the Delta
08/17 Plough & Stars (San Francisco)
05/20 The Milk Bar (San Francisco)
05/19 Private Party (Santa Rosa)
03/17 Toots Tavern (Crockett)
03/11 The Milk Bar(San Francisco)
03/09 Bayview Boat Club Music Showcase (San Francisco)
02/26 Irish Monkey Cellars (Oakland)
02/18 NCBS/SFBOT Band Contest (San Francisco)
First place winners!
02/04 Urbano Cellars Winery (Berkeley)
01/14 Noe Valley Farmers' Market (San Francisco)
01/08 The Milk Bar (San Francisco)

2011 dates

Here's a list of gigs that we played in 2011:

Date Location
12/18 Irish Monkey Cellars (Oakland)
12/11 The Milk Bar (San Francisco)
12/01 Concord SIRs Private Party (Concord)
11/12 Noe Valley Rec Center (San Francisco)
10/23 The Milk Bar (San Francisco)
10/16 Irish Monkey Cellars (Oakland)
10/15 Irish Monkey Cellars (Oakland)
10/08 Noe Valley Farmers' Market (San Francisco)
09/25 The Milk Bar (San Francisco)
09/24 St. Phillip's School Benefit (San Francisco)
08/16 Kingman's Ivy Room (Albany)
08/06 Noe Valley Farmers' Market (San Francisco)


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